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So, you like the idea of having solar in your home but still aren’t sure about it? The reality is that home solar is a viable option for your energy needs. Now, thanks to technology improvements, government incentives, and entrepreneurship, harnessing the sun to power homes is cheaper than ever. Yes, that’s right. Getting solar in your home is now cheaper and more possible than ever before, thanks to solar leasing.

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Solar PanelsIs it worth it? Converting a garage correctly will add square footage to your home, on an average, one square foot for the average house in Los Angeles worth $250-$350 making 400 SF of garage conversion worth $120,000 while the cost of converting a garage will probably be 70%-80% less! So ask yourself if earning more than 50% on your investment is worth it? It sure is! Converting a garage to living space is one of the most cost effective ways to add space to your home and for sure add extra value too. Garage conversion's cost will rise in conjunction with the house price so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Am I Eligible for a refund? What kind of a system do I need? How much will I save? What will be my new electric bill? Is there any down payment needed? Due to many inquires in regards to buying and leasing solar systems we have assigned a designated “in home” Solar specialist that will be happy to answer these questions for you free of charge!